MacHg Releases (now Yosemite compatible)

Self contained MacHg executable Binary for OSX 10.7+. This is all you need if you want to use Mercurial on OSX. MacHg contains its own local copy of Mercurial and associated extensions and does not conflict with any other installed version of Mercurial binaries / extensions.
Requirements: OSX 10.7+
Supports: OSX 10.7+ (Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite)
Size: 11.8Mb
MD5 Key: 5fb1d1620a4ef8d73f674638f388389d
Changes in MacHg 1.0.2 from the previous versions were mostly under the hood. This release is now compatible with Yosemite. I have transitioned from Garbage Collection to ARC. There are a large number of fixes and enhancements present. (1.0.1 was the main release but contained a launch bug on Yosemite when MacHg had never previously been installed on the system which 1.0.2 fixes). More...

Past Releases:

MacHg 1.0.B3 MD5:d3bd076c8fdd1058158e4ef21c8f98ae (OS X 10.6 compatible)
MacHg 0.9.25 MD5:3b082ebddab1c7a167b64a84270a003e
MacHg 0.9.24 MD5:d1fbd225b500b1f4fcb6e5212d8a54c7
MacHg 0.9.23 MD5:6df349a1d1db315476ff3ca0e1d68229
MacHg 0.9.22 MD5:63ce4e84068a993dd0485f6aec61a96e
MacHg 0.9.21 MD5:7e545bf15f122b443a78f88071ed9c30
MacHg 0.9.20 MD5:4ab9cf28e620983861fe417623261e55
MacHg 0.9.19 MD5:30c325204ac149c6fc63e6e9915659c4
MacHg 0.9.18 MD5:c12c6cd1f4f16b82b96e5778e59d4f99
MacHg 0.9.17 MD5:57a710e014c6984a83fb5db5ffaf9ace
MacHg 0.9.16 MD5:472d60f90b5cdb0602f0c6105d3afbc6
MacHg 0.9.15 MD5:5ec21a2e8090709a4969ac87cb31f9bb
MacHg 0.9.14 MD5:42a6543d14a027d2df4e494c74370a03
MacHg 0.9.13 MD5:c9385aba05c2716f865c51c9c8bc4dfd
MacHg 0.9.12 MD5:0451c1f67b184067d3f5e472243ba645
MacHg 0.9.11 MD5:c16b40720fd9f892d575e0ec562eee78
MacHg 0.9.10 MD5:0a1f4a68e699f9632044d5be4266e4eb
MacHg 0.9.9 MD5:c53c44af562071f4afa2abd828da5fa5
MacHg 0.9.8 MD5:564894de6ac685d9bd0b56eaee2e0f06
MacHg 0.9.7 MD5:39630163b7df958e5ecee06a36506e22
MacHg 0.9.6 MD5:3a687e5cd71ef6c9bef3b37182a6411d
MacHg 0.9.5 MD5:2216e363afd6963418371736114a4757
MacHg 0.9.4 MD5:0b8280a4bcd76b363c2dc50768ffe544
MacHg 0.9.3 MD5:fd987af9a2536fd05737fa925494dfd2
MacHg 0.9.2 MD5:b6be7c8d97e81fdb8161078366c977fe
MacHg 0.9.1 MD5:549d06e01e595154d93af01e569cfcb7
MacHg 0.9.0 MD5:fc029c37c6a235bed1a825ddfbe071c8