About Me

I am a developer who contracts in C++ and Mathematica. I have my PhD in theoretical physics, and a couple of first class honors degrees (Maths and Physics). My current languages that I work with day to day are C++, Mathematica, Python, and ObjectiveC/Cocoa. I have used a number of high level languages—like Clean, OCAML, Haskell, GAP (group theory)—all the way through to the low level languages—like Forth and assembler—as well as a lot of other languages in between.

During a period of say 4 months starting around December 2009, most of my spare time was consumed by putting together a Cocoa program, MacHg, which acts as a GUI for the distributed revision control system Mercurial. I have since then continued to improve it as time allows and it is still under active development.

Up until now I had managed to avoid having a dedicated web site and had various bits and pieces scattered here and there over the web. But with the advent of MacHg, I really need a dedicated web site for my projects. So here it is: My projects, MacHg, Cocoa, C++, Mercurial, and other goodies...