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Dialog Shortcuts

In many of the dialogs if you hold down the command key (⌘), the buttons in the dialog will display an equivalent command key you can use from the keyboard instead of clicking the button with your mouse.

History View Shortcuts

Commit Shortcuts

Near the bottom of the commit dialog box there are two tables. You can interact with each of these tables as follows:

Quicklook Shortcut

Quicklook is supported in The Browser View, The History View, and The Differences View. The shortcut to display the quicklook preview of the selected items is the standard OSX shortcut of the space bar.

Contextual Menus

Many of the views provide contextual menus. Thus you can right click in the view and see a menu of actions which are specific to the view you clicked on. Views that include contextual menu support are:

Drag and Drop

You can use drag and drop in: