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Cloning a repository

Cloning a repository will produce a local duplicate of the repository, including all its historical meta-data. You can clone from a local repository or a server repository.

To clone a repository:

  1. In the left sidebar select the repository - the source repository - which you want to clone. (If the source repository is on a server, you first need to add the server repository to the left sidebar if you have not already done so.)

  2. Select the menu item Repository > Clone...

  3. In the Local Path field of the dialog, enter or browse to a local path.

  4. In the Short Name field of the dialog, enter a short name of your choosing to help you identify the clone. This short name will be used in the left sidebar and in other places to refer to the repository.

  5. If needed, choose any advanced options which are appropriate when cloning (for example, the --rev option to clone only up to a specific revision).