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MacHg 1.0.1 Released!! (Yosemite version)

I am happy to announce that I have just released MacHg 1.0.1.

You can get the latest MacHg from the downloads, and you can view the latest release notes here.

MacHg 1.0.1 updates MacHg to fix Yosemite compatibility issues. Under the hood things have massively changed and MacHg now uses ARC rather than garbage collection for it’s memory management. Subjectively, it feels a good bit snappier because of this. It is finally code signed, so you don’t need to add a security exception to install it. There are a number of other nice fixes in MacHg 1.0.1. Take a look at the full change log for details!

As a personal note, sorry for the massive delay in development here. My real world job has been very very busy and demanding, and I haven’t had as much time to devote to MacHg as I would have liked. However, with Yosemite MacHg started to crash on startup so I have now dug into it and put in the effort to release a new version. Enjoy!

Cheers, Jason

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Skiing fun

Well, just a quick note to say that when skiing recently I fell down and ruptured my anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in my left knee. I have now had it surgically reconstructed and all, but it seriously threw my schedule out of whack for the last month between pain killers, and well having to sleep with a leg brace, etc. The happy news is that I am pretty much over the worst of it. From here on out it’s all down to physiotherapy. So to celebrate I have released a beta of MacHg… which is the topic for the next message…

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MacHg 0.9.15 released!

I am pleased to announce the release of MacHg 0.9.15!

Downloads at:
ReleaseNotes at:
Sources at:

Release 0.9.15 significantly revamps and improves the push, pull, incoming and outgoing sheets; significantly revamps and improves the server configuration sheet; now always stores passwords in the system keychain; adds support for handling of google code respositories and svn repositories; has “under the hood” improvements in the way disclosures are handled; and fixes or addresses many smaller issues including: #98, #116, #170, #184, #193, #200, #202, and many other unreported issues.

Others who contributed patches to this release (Thank you all!):

  • Kim Hunter
  • Matthew Watson
  • Eugene Golushkov

I really like the changes I added in MacHg 0.9.15. Nothing was critical but there were lots of details and polish that just make things better and more intuitive now. It’s one of the nice things about UI design that sometimes after you implement something and play with it, it’s just really obvious that the new way is better / worse than the old way. And the new changes to 0.9.15 are quite nice if I do say so myself…

Actually I probably could have gone 1.0.0 with 0.9.14, but I still might add some basic sub-repository handling before going 1.0.0. Or, maybe if there are no major bugs with 0.9.15 I will just basically use that to go 1.0.0.

I also wanted to say thank you to all users of MacHg for your excellent comments and feedback!

Cheers, Jason

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MacHg 0.9.10 pre-released

Hi All,

Several people have now all stumbled upon the following problem: Mercurial 1.7 was updated and it includes a change where the repositories it creates by default are not backward compatible with earlier versions. Now that 1.7.1 has been out for a bit people are updating to the latest command line version of Mercurial. Now normally it’s perfectly fine to have an older version of Mercurial in MacHg. Normally I upgrade the version in MacHg in a staggered fashion due to bug testing and stability. (Also since it’s a Front end to Mercurial it doesn’t matter if a new feature is added to Mercurial proper since if an interface isn’t coded into MacHg then the feature is not used.) For a couple of weeks now the version I have used internally in my development has been 1.7.1. Thus due to this problem with version mismatch I am issuing a pre release of version MacHg 0.9.10 for those people who need it:

I would do this as a full release but unfortunately I am not in my home city in front of my home computer, thus the keys I use for Sparkle are not present on my machine. As soon as I get in front of my home machine I will issue an update that goes through sparkle. For now though use the link above. (Incidentally there are several non-critical fixes in 0.9.10 which you can peruse on the official bit bucket site.)

(Note, just in case you were wondering, trying to use MacHg 0.9.9 on a repository created by Mercurial 1.7+ will not in any way damage the repository, but it won’t work. To make it work use MacHg 0.9.10 above…)

Update: I have now officially released MacHg 0.9.10. So the pre-release version has been removed and replaced by the official version.



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MacHg Status

Hey all,

I just wanted to say that several people have been emailing me about MacHg and progress. As many of you have seen the public amount of work I have done on it has dropped off in the last number of months.

Well the explanation is simple my normal paying job right now is ramped up and so all my normal time (as always), is spent on that and in addition all the spare time that I can reasonably muster is also spent on that at the moment. Its really exciting stuff. In any case when that calms down in the near future I will be adding some features and polishing others in MacHg that I have long planned to do.

Top of the list is the “jiggling” of the graph as one scrolls… I actually have something working  internally but there are kinks to iron out. I rewrote things completely in MacHg only to find out that some child accessing is O(n^2). This was a real pain and I tried to get the Mercurial guys to have nice ways around this for GUI writers like me, but no dice. Thus I have had to work around this in a messy and un-ideal way. Still it working in my internal prototype builds.

Anyway more soon! I promise 🙂

Cheers,   Jas

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Getting closer

Actually the thing that is holding me up right now is getting the web site up. I have found Dreamweaver to be a bit too general. Its harder to get things done quickly, I always seem to get extra tags when I didn’t want them and its not so quick to just get general pages up and make sure everything looks uniform. I want some sort of mix between using markdown or maybe one of the XML editors and some powerful XSLT to transform things fast enough. In the end though I think I am going to just go with RapidWeaver to get things going in a fast way. I have been frustrated with a few of the things I can’t change easily. Like I want to be able to add a table in the stacks plugin to rapid weaver but I can’t seem to nicely set a fixed pixel width on my table elements…

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