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MacHg 1.0.0 Beta Released!!

I am extremely happy to announce that much work has happened on MacHg in the last 4 months. In fact after the 25 previously shipped versions of MacHg I have released, I am just about ready to launch a very complete version 1.0. (This corresponds to the original complete feature set I considered to be a mature and very complete client.)

There have been many, many changes in these last months. However, the major changes can be grouped into the following categories:

  • Major work on the sidebar (MacHg now supports repository grouping for sub repositories and sub repository support, multiple selection dragging, deleting, badge counts, moving, and copying to other documents.)
  • File outline views, and flat file table outline views, in addition to the browser view. (This was a much requested feature.)
  • In product, sub-line, side-by-side and unified differences. (Another highly requested feature.)
  • Hunk level commit selection when committing or amending a commit. (Another frequently requested feature.)
  • Revamping the menu layout, adding better support tags, bookmarks and branches, etc.
  • Added a new AlterDetails sheet to allow easily changing commit messages / commit authors / commit times.
  • Refactored the GUI to more uniformly use my own concertina views.
  • Removed dependence on BWToolkit for compatibility with newer versions of XCode.
  • Many, many bug fixes, additions and improvements.

If you use MacHg could you download this version and give me feedback on it. I am looking for show-stoppers and new things that crop up as a result of these changes. I should be releasing MacHg 1.0 in maybe a week’s time… During this next weekend I will be adding the documentation for the new features and recording screen casts on new functionality, etc.

You can download the beta version of MacHg here:

Thanks, Jason

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Skiing fun

Well, just a quick note to say that when skiing recently I fell down and ruptured my anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in my left knee. I have now had it surgically reconstructed and all, but it seriously threw my schedule out of whack for the last month between pain killers, and well having to sleep with a leg brace, etc. The happy news is that I am pretty much over the worst of it. From here on out it’s all down to physiotherapy. So to celebrate I have released a beta of MacHg… which is the topic for the next message…

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