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Bitbucket beers…

I just wanted to drop a quick note about the event “Beers with BitBucket…” that the bitbucket team sponsored this last Tuesday the 25th of October in Chicago.

I went along and scored some bitbucket bling: Two free t-shirts and a bottle opener as well as of course far too much free beer 🙂 (The beer was quite good.) In fact there was enough free beer that by the end of the night after I had left the two t-shirts at a table at one of the after function bar’s there was only one t-shirt left after I picked up my stuff. So obviously the bling was really popular! Still I guess that’s what happens in Chicago “after hours”.

Still in any case I met some really cool people. The bitbucket guys were really chilled. I pronounced “Atlassian” totally wrong and they still liked me 🙂 Anyway thanks to Atlassian and the bitbucket crew I have a much better idea of their strategic direction and that they are really in this for the long haul and push.

In fact after I came back at around 2am (I know, I know, wandering around downtown Chicago at 2am fending off all the hmm… people who were trying to sell me “stuff”, maybe wasn’t the brightest thing to do…) But in any case I went to subway for some food and one of the bitbucket system administrators was there and of course we got to talking again and he insisted on personally paying for my subway sandwich… It’s just one detail, but I just got the feeling the team of engineers were just genuienly nice people. I get the feeling they really want to do good things for developers everywhere! So in any case personal thanks to Justin and the others!

I should also say the other people who attended were really interesting. Eg I met one of my MacHg users Sean Farley, and he was a really neat guy (He has a really strange Gravitar image, but I gave him some friendly grief over it. (Scraws!)) . Anyway, it turns out he was also a physicist and he knew a lot about Mathematica (my day job), and knew a lot about well a lot of other really interesting technologies. We got along famously…) But in any case I got some extra impetuous to add an annotation view to MacHg… I really have to get onto this.

But all in all it was a really fun night! Thanks to the bitbucket crowd for hosting it. You guys rock!

Cheers, Jas

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Hardware support for Android…

Michael Degusta writes:

In other words, Apple’s way of getting you to buy a new phone is to make you really happy with your current one, whereas apparently Android phone makers think they can get you to buy a new phone by making you really unhappy with your current one…

The full article is really interesting and you can read it here: Historical support of android phones

Man, that’s not such good support… (Let’s hope this really improves…)

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