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On XCode 4…

The only thing worse than managing multiple windows is managing multiple panes… Brent Simmons

I feel like this all the time in Xcode 4. I have been using XCode 4 for quite a while now and while I love the fact that Clang and all the back end smarts are much nicer, the interface has really taken a retro-grade step in my opinion. I recently had to go back to XCode 3 to do some stuff and wow it was soooo much faster to get around and do stuff. There is now so much pane management in XCode 4.

For instance lets consider doing a find across your project. In XCode 4 you hit cmd-shift-F, enter your find text and hit return. Then you have to go drag the find results sub-pane bigger… then look through all your results. Then when you find something interesting you have to double click on a result to look at the find instance (being very careful not to single click it or else the main bit of code you were looking at to provide context to your find disappears). Then when you finally found what you want you have to dismiss the new windows you created, then resize the find column back to something you use for eg a stack trace / build results / whatever (Debug Navigator / Log Navigator) and then go on your way.

In XCode 3 you just hit cmd-shift-F, enter the find and hit return, look through the results, and then close the window. Sooo much quicker and simpler. Its things like this which just made XCode 3 so much smoother…

Apple please, please, please, also allow a more windowed approach like there used to be which was so much more flexible and quicker…

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MacHg 0.9.24 Released!!

I am happy to announce that I have just released MacHg 0.9.24.

You can get the latest MacHg from the downloads, and you can view the latest release notes here.

MacHg 0.9.24 updates MacHg to fix Lion compatibility issues, and also updates the underlying Mercurial to the latest version, 1.9.2. There are a number of other nice fixes in MacHg 0.9.24. Take a look at the full change log for details!

As a personal note, sorry for the 3 month delay in development here. My real world job has been very busy and demanding, and I haven’t had as much time to devote to MacHg as I would have liked. However, the roadmap is still very much in progress…

Cheers, Jason

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