MacHg 0.9.20 released!

I am happy to announce that I have just released MacHg 0.9.20.

You can get the latest MacHg from the downloads, and you can view the latest release notes here.

MacHg 0.9.20 now continually reports the progress of long running operations such as clone, push, pull, incoming, and outgoing; adds an ‘Open With…’ menu item; adds a ‘Scroll to Changeset…’ menu in all log views; updates the bundled Mercurial to 1.8.2; and includes a number of other fixes and enhancements.

I really like the new ‘Scroll to Changeset’ feature. You can just hit cmd-L to go to any changeset and it’s available anywhere you see a list of changesets. Having progress for long running operations is also something that has been requested for a long time. With the NSTask changes in recent versions of MacHg this has now been possible.

Unfortunately, MacHg is still having very occasional and intermittent quirks with NSTask. After several posts to cocoa-dev and some examples posted there where NSTask is just dropping tasks I am investigating other options in ernest. I can’t go MacHg 1.0.0 until I fix this, but happily I have another option on the horizon right now.

In my testing this new alternative is working almost perfectly. I haven’t seen any dropped NSTask’s at all. However, the progressive progress updates that I just added in MacHg 0.9.20 are not yet working with this alternative method. Once I have this last kink ironed out, I will hopefully be releasing another version of MacHg very shortly (within the week) which fixes the very occasional and intermittent missing or hung NSTasks.

Cheers, Jason

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