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MacHg 0.9.12 released!

MacHg 0.9.12 adds stable graph drawing and large speed and optimization improvements to load times.

I missed releasing MacHg 0.9.12 on Christmas by a couple of days. (But of course family things took precedence and… well… I have had a fantastic Christmas.)

Anyway for all my users, your present is now available for download 🙂 …

I am quite happy that I have finally solved the graph jiggling problem. Although the changes required were huge, MacHg is definitely the better for it now. Actually, in general I am quite happy with MacHg 0.9.12, since I have managed to solve a number of tricky under the hood type problems in this release. Now I can get back to a few more UI sorts of issues and most importantly additions. (Full 0.9.12 release notes.)

MacHg 0.9.12 is almost a candidate for MacHg 1.0.0 but the refactor present in this release (0.9.12) is truly massive so some regression might have been accidentally introduced…

(The annotation view is the major feature planned for MacHg 1.1.0.)

Cheers, Jas

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MacHg 0.9.11 released

Well that was quick. An configuration error crept into the release of MacHg 0.9.10 and so I have released MacHg 0.9.11 to resolve this issue.

The issue was that if people had previously used MacHg then in their ~/Application Support/MacHg/ folder there was a hgrc file that MacHg had previously installed. But this file was missing the cedit extension declaration. Fresh MacHg installs didn’t have this problem. Also if your ~/.hgrc has the cedit extension then this problem also didn’t show up.

In any case MacHg 0.9.11 solves this configuration problem. Grab a copy of MacHg 0.9.11 from the usual downloads page.



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MacHg 0.9.10 released

I am happy to announce the release of MacHg 0.9.10!

MacHg 0.9.10 updates the underlying Mercurial version to 1.7.2 (The latest at this time.) MacHg 0.9.10 also includes various fixes for minor glitches (none of them too critical.) See the full release notes here.

Those people who downloaded the provisional 0.9.10 I released in this post should delete that version and get the official 0.9.10. (Although using the provisional 0.9.10 will not cause any problems whatsoever, it’s best to have everyone on the same page and there is one extra small bug fix to do with the cedit extension which is included in the official 0.9.10, as well the official MacHg 0.9.10 uses Mercurial 1.7.2 instead of Mercurial 1.7.1)

As always you can get the latest version from

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