Whew! I just launched MacHg 0.9.0 to the public. I opened up the website and bitbucket sources to public viewing, added a google group, updated the sparkle app cast, fixed a few last bugs, synchronized the information now between the website, the bit bucket wiki, and the announcement email, and well launched… Time to go celebrate… Here is the full text of the launch:

Hi All,

I am pleased to announce the initial public release of MacHg. MacHg is a gui client for Mercurial. It runs under OSX 10.6 (Snow leopard). It is free to use and donation ware.


You can get an executable application here:

You can view (and clone) the MacHg sources at:

You can view a screen cast ‘MacHg Introduction’ at:

Discussion group about MacHg at:

MacHg Features

  • Document based structure with multiple repositories per document
  • View incoming and outgoing at a glance between compatible repositories
  • Auto refreshes the status of tracked files when they change
  • Incremental loading of history (for efficiency)
  • Works with large repositories (ie for example can load and work with the Mozilla repository which is 3.35Gb)
  • Fully compatible with command line Mercurial (You can make changes on the command line and they are reflected in MacHg.)
  • Fully multi-threaded using Grand Central Dispatch and threading goodness
  • File browser view to work with files
  • History view to explore the changeset history
  • Differences view to explore the historical changes between different revisions
  • Interacting with other repositories: pull, push, incoming, outgoing, clone, etc
  • Contextual menus and shortcuts in many places
  • Diff multiple files at once
  • Renaming, merging, updating, reverting, adding files, removing files, etc
  • Add and remove local tags, global tags, bookmarks, and branches
  • Interface to history editing: collapse, histedit, rebase, strip
  • Importing and exporting of patches
  • Uses the Sparkle framework for “in application” updates


If you would like to contribute I would be happy to receive and acknowledge help in a large number of areas, including: – Testing – Documentation (MacHg has some documentation but it would be nice to have a much more complete set of documentation.) – Cocoa coding (Lots of potential enhancements here) – Mercurial extension writing (There are a few extensions I could use help with: for example, around permissibility of dragging and dropping in history rewriting, etc.) – Translating (Especially those who have experience using Apple’s polyglot tool, etc.) – Web designers (There are a number of enhancements to be made to web pages, wikis, etc.) – Graphic design (Icon design, etc.)

Thanks, Jason

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