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A tweak to a better NSLog()

Recently I wanted to make sure my NSLog()’s were not present in my release build. And so I did the requisute google knowing I could copy and paste some snippet of #if…#endif.

There was just one such approach in the Cocoa Is My Girlfriend site of DroppingNSLog in release builds but even a bit nicer was the actual debug output produced in Karl’s article: A drop-in replacement for NSLog(). Better debug logging was one of those things which is a really low level priority so you never get around to it, but it would be nicer to have better logging.

So I went with Karl’s in the end but I’ll just note that to get it going there was a slight problem with Karl’s version, that only showed up if you have code of the form:

if (sometest)

To make things work one has to be careful about the terminating semi-colons, and the null case. This is a standard trick in C++ and I have seen it in many other places the do {} while(0) to put in an empty statment in a hash-define. So in the end the final version should be to replace all NSLog(…) calls with DebugLog(…) and add the following to an appropriately common header in your personal project:

#ifdef DEBUG
#  define DebugLog(args...) _DebugLog(__FILE__,__LINE__,__PRETTY_FUNCTION__,args)
#  define DebugLog(x...) do {} while(0)
void _DebugLog(const char *file, int lineNumber, const char *funcName, NSString *format,...);

This together with his original code in the corresponding .m file of:

void _DebugLog(const char *file, int lineNumber, const char *funcName, NSString *format,...)
    va_list ap;

    va_start (ap, format);
    if (![format hasSuffix: @"\n"])
        format = [format stringByAppendingString: @"\n"];

    NSString *body =  [[NSString alloc] initWithFormat: format arguments: ap];
    va_end (ap);
    const char *threadName = [[[NSThread currentThread] name] UTF8String];
    NSString *fileName=[[NSString stringWithUTF8String:file] lastPathComponent];
    if (threadName)
        fprintf(stderr,"%s/%s (%s:%d) %s",threadName,funcName,[fileName UTF8String],lineNumber,[body UTF8String]);
        fprintf(stderr,"%p/%s (%s:%d) %s",[NSThread currentThread],funcName,[fileName UTF8String],lineNumber,[body UTF8String]);
    [body release];

Will do the trick nicely. Don’t forget to go into the targets and define -DDEBUG on your debug target like so:

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Getting closer

Actually the thing that is holding me up right now is getting the web site up. I have found Dreamweaver to be a bit too general. Its harder to get things done quickly, I always seem to get extra tags when I didn’t want them and its not so quick to just get general pages up and make sure everything looks uniform. I want some sort of mix between using markdown or maybe one of the XML editors and some powerful XSLT to transform things fast enough. In the end though I think I am going to just go with RapidWeaver to get things going in a fast way. I have been frustrated with a few of the things I can’t change easily. Like I want to be able to add a table in the stacks plugin to rapid weaver but I can’t seem to nicely set a fixed pixel width on my table elements…

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Almost there

Right my first blog post!

In my free time I have been working on developing a cocoa program MacHG. Its almost ready to launch to beta testing…

As is evident word press is mostly set up since you are reading this. My bitbucket setup is almost there… and well dreamhost was activated today and is hosting this as is evident. Google email is up. There are still some services which I will get set up like the forum thingy which is served by php. Also hosting of the screen casts. But soon…

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